Hosted by Traci Skuce

The masterclass series to help keep your butt in the chair, create and nourish your fiction or memoir, so you can finally finish the book you were born to write.

Susan deFrietas

The Heart of Story

Lauren Sapala

Why Traditional Writing Methods Don't Work for Some Writers

Taiia Smart Young

The Story BEHIND the Story

Roland Denzel

Finding Writing Time When There's None Left

Rhonda Douglas

Finish Your Book Using DIY Writing Retreats

Beth Barany

Plot Like a Panster!

Mary Bergida Deluca

Why Self-Compassion is Essential to Writing

Paulette Perhach

The Empowered Writer

Rowan McCandless

From First Page to Publication

Molly Thornton

I Finished My First Draft! Now What?

Kim Taylor Blakemore

Organize Your Creativity and Free Your Outline

Tiffany Clarke Harrison

Your Story Is In the Body

Nicole Breit

Piece by Piece: Write your memoir one small story at a time

Leigh Shulman

Rejection is Your Best Friend

Emma Dhesi

How to Create Time for Your Fiction

Mary Kole

Your Story Matters

Beth Kaplan

Writing the truth about yourself and others in memoir

Ronit Plank

When you're not sure your story matters

Julie Duffy

The Value of Writing Short Stories

Traci Skuce

Welcome In Your Story

I’m really excited to bring together these amazing writers and writing coaches to help you.

Over the five days of this summit, we’ll discuss everything from how self-compassion is essential to your writing to creating a roadmap for your manuscript–to finding and managing time so you can actually write your book.

You’ll also learn: 

  • How to befriend rejection
  • How to revise after you’ve finished your first draft
  • Why your writing will benefit from tuning into your intuition
  • Why attending to the body matters to your manuscript

Every session will be full of insights, ideas, and inspiration.

Every speaker has the potential to help you finish your book.

And it’s totally FREE.

February 7 – 11, 2022

Join me, will you?

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Transform your writing life, forever.​