Hosted by Traci Skuce

How to create and nourish your fiction or memoir so you can finally finish the book you were born to write

Featured Co-Host speakers include

Dallas Woodburn - How to Create a Nurturing Writing Routine
Janice Hardy - Developing Stronger Internal Conflicts in Your Novel
Michele T. Berger - Brain Hacking - How to Leverage the Power of Affirmations for Your Writing Life
Tiffany Clarke Harrison - The Kids are Alright - Break Free from This Little White Lie Wreaking Big Havoc in Your Writing
Rhonda Douglas - How to Create Your Own DIY Writing Retreats
Emma Dhesi - Find the Heart of Your Scene
Mary Adkins - Why Does Heart Even Matter?
Sarah Bullen - The 10 Scenes All Books Need
Janelle Hardy - Use Your Body to Heal Writer's Block & Write Your Memoir
Roland Denzel - Habits, Not Hacks - Productivity mindset for authors.

I’m really excited to bring together these amazing writers and influencers to help you.

Over the two days of this workshop, we’ll discuss everything from how to restore faith in your own voice to writing your book in a manageable way. 

Do away with discipline and invite curiosity!

You’ll also learn: 

  • ways to nourish your writing practice
  • how to create more resonance in your fiction or memoir
  • why attending to the body matters to your manuscript
  • how to access the heart of your story

Every session will be full of insights, ideas, and inspiration. 

Every speaker has the potential to change the way you approach your writing. 

And it’s totally FREE.
August 5th & 6th, 2021 – 12-3pm, Pacific

Join me, will you?

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