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Why did I create this meditation?

I often think about the concept of ‘welcoming.’
Even just the word ‘welcome.’
It’s so inviting, isn’t it? An open door. A warm cup of tea or apple cider. A friendly presence and sense of belonging.
It struck me the other day how important it is to create welcoming conditions for creativity–and story.
Think about it. Say a friend calls you to visit. But when you get to the door there are bars across it.
Not only that, but there’s a huge chain and about six padlocks. You’ll have to figure out how to get those locks open, remove the chain, and open the door. You shout to your friend to let you in. But they don’t answer. Clearly, you’re not wanted. So you leave.
Your story needs to feel welcome. Just like you do. Otherwise, it won’t want to show up.
This meditation is designed to help with just that.
May you and your story feel fully welcome wherever you are.