The Story Midwife

Transform your Writing One-on-One with Traci

Traci applies attention to all aspects of writing––narrative structures, voice, placement and genre. Her intuition––leaning into a weakness or questioning an assumption––springs from a grounded, earned wisdom. I trust Traci Skuce.
Cornelia Hoogland
Author of Trailer Park Elegy

I believe everyone is born into stories. 

From the moment we breathe our first breath, our lives are woven into narrative. It follows, then, that the impulse to write our stories–true or imagined–is as natural to us as breathing. 

Challenges often arise, though, when we follow this impulse and hope our stories emerge as we’ve imagined them. Mostly they don’t. Energy sparks here and there, sizzles out in other places, plus it feels like something’s missing–but what? It can be frustrating to read your own work, to feel the desire for it to become full and whole, but not know what it needs. 

Trust me, I know how you feel. I spent years in this frustrated place, waiting for a breakthrough, waiting to understand the direction of my stories.

Once I discovered the layers and nuance of craft, I figured out how to navigate my own work, how to find missing pieces, how to revise and revise, until the language hummed and the stories were reborn.
Are you ready to transform your writing?

This program is for you if:

  • You have stories you’ve been writing and working on but are unsure how to finish them
  • The vision you have for your writing doesn’t align with what shows up on the page
  • You feel ready to devote more time and energy to the craft of writing and re-writing
  • You are open and curious about where the writing life may lead you
  • You love language and discovering new ways to use language
  •  You’re ready to breathe new life into old stories
  • You’re willing to explore challenging questions that will bring your story richer resonance and depth
  •  You’re ready to receive honest, compassionate feedback about your work, and integrate it into the revision process
  • You’re committed to move writing up to the top of the priority list where you think it belongs

Here’s what you need to embrace and take responsibility for, in order to be successful with the 1:1 program:

  • A commitment to showing up for yourself and doing the work. This course requires you to TAKE ACTION.
  • A willingness to bring openness and curiosity to your writing journey and approach the feedback, insights and exercises with a beginners’ mind.
  • To take full responsibility with where you are as a writer, and to be willing to “start where you are” and be responsible for making the choices to get to where you want to go. I cannot make you a published writer, but I can guide you to free up your writing voice and deepen your writing process.