If you never finish your book, HOW will anyone read it ?

The Stay Motivated Story Intensive

Prioritize Your Writing. Uplevel Your Craft.
And Write Stories People Can’t Wait to Read.

I’m Traci Skuce–writer and story midwife. I help fiction and memoir writers bring vitality and life into their stories so they can finish the truest versions of their books and get them out into the world.

Writers are full of stories. 

True or fantastical, subtle or hilarious, poignant or heartbreaking. Fiction or memoir.  

And many writers (most?!) launch into their story ideas with amazing vision and great enthusiasm. BUT their energy fizzles and wanes when crafting the story (or life) gets complicated.

Because it always gets complicated.

You’re ready to write, but the story doesn’t come out the way you envisioned.

You’ve got a first draft, but then what? 

You write, but your story goes in circles. 

You’ve plotted and planned but the elements of the story just won’t weave together. 

Or, you don’t have time, you never have enough time, but you really really want to write. 

Let’s face it–it’s easier to start a story than it is to finish it. 

It’s even easier to not write at all. 

Which is why most writers end up with manuscripts only three-quarters-done.

Why they have drafts written in fits and starts on their laptops.

Why stories and books stay stuck in their heads and never on the page.

Why so many writers never finish writing their books.


You prioritize your writing and figure out the best possible way to write your story. 

You access your true voice and let it shine on the page. 

You finally finish your book. 

Not just a first draft but all the way through to the final manuscript. 

Then the tingly thrill of holding your book in your hands. 

And people–your readers–telling you how your story resonates in their hearts and minds.



“Traci applies attention to all aspects of writing––narrative structures, voice, placement and genre. Her intuition––leaning into a weakness or questioning an assumption––springs from a grounded, earned wisdom. I trust Traci Skuce.”
Cornelia Hoogland
Author of Trailer Park Elegy
"Traci is a seasoned writer and teacher who brings both warmth and rigor to her teaching. In her class I learned how to get inside my own work and understand it better. I had a dozen pieces of writing that defied my attempts to tame them, and Traci's class helped me figure them out."
Evan G
Science writer
I got so much out of Traci’s course: knowledge of craft that I continue to rely on to hone my skills, accountability, an appreciation for and ability to read deeply, a community of like-minded folks with similar aspirations, and also confidence to make writing a priority in my daily life. This course is heads and shoulders above the rest. Thank you for all of your thoughtful work getting this course out into the world!
Mindi Torrey, Lansing, MI

Here’s Why I Do This Work

I created The Stay Motivated Story Intensive when I realized that so many fiction and memoir writers were struggling to prioritize their writing and give their stories the deep attention they deserved. 

These writers would look for answers in craft books or ask for feedback from beta readers, but they weren’t getting the help they needed.

In 1995, after my son was born, someone gave me Natalie Goldberg’s book, Writing Down the Bones and I committed to a writing practice. 

I filled dozens of notebooks. And I thought by filling notebooks stories and essays would simply emerge. Some did. After a decade, though, I became frustrated: Why did some stories work and others start strong and then drift off–or disintegrate? 

That question took me years–one MFA and one short story collection later–of investigation. 

I am passionate about what I discovered. And now I want to share my discoveries with you.


Here's how it works:

  • September 15 – December 22, 2022
  • 10 Live Classroom Calls (Thursdays @ 11 am PT or 4 pm PT–you choose) 
  • 5 Live Coaching and Microfeedback Sessions (Same times as above)
  • Classroom Platform with Full Notes and Actionable Prompts
  • Lifetime access to call recordings and classroom platform
  • Weekly Accountability Reports
  • Online Stay Motivated Community on Slack

This course is for you if you want to:


Get Started and Stay Motivated 

$2997 CAD
or 6 installments of $529 CAD

PLUS you’ll get these Bonuses:

  • Lifetime Membership to Freewrite Community (a weekly shared generative writing practice) valued at over $1897
  • Deep Reading Video Series (6 videos) valued at $294 
  • Deep Reading Checklist ($44)
  • Revision Toolkit ($247)
  • Guest expert workshops ($697)

There are no refunds for The Stay Motivated Story Intensive.

“I loved Traci’s course! Encouraging, inspiring, informative and challenging. This course was loaded with information, strategies, suggestions, ideas and encouragement, no matter your previous experience. Traci is a skilled and supportive teacher who demonstrates genuine interest in helping every student progress. I used to write a lot. After Traci’s course, I can call myself a writer!"
Jill Rush
I loved every minute of minute of my course with Traci. She's knowledgeable and competent, and she listens well. She quickly understood where I was with my writing , was very kind with her critiques and suggestions to guide me to improve, and generous with her support. I found the course comprehensive and fun!
Bette Kosmolak
Cumberland, BC
Studying with Traci Skuce has helped me to establish a daily writing practice, widened my understanding of the writing craft and taken me to a place of joyful revision. Her teachings encourage embodied writing, getting to the deep root of what the stories we are telling are really about and how to read with an eye for learning masterful techniques. My work with Traci has been deep and full of discovery and I’m grateful for her curiosity and wisdom.
Jenny V.
Lasqueti Is. BC
Traci's classes and workshops have been incredibly useful for my own writing practice and projects. Her literary approach has helped me further understand the link between reading and writing, and her emphasis on daily practice and writing by hand on paper have helped me establish my own rituals in my writing life. Studying writing with Traci has both improved my confidence in my own writing, and given me the tools I needed to create better work.
Jessie Levene
Podcaster, Comox Valley, BC


Not at all. I work with both fiction and memoir writers ready to commit to their writing project–small or large. 

The Story Intensive is an investment to help bring you closer to your writing dream. I remortgaged my house to go do my MFA and I’m not recommending you do that. Instead, I’ve broken down payments into six monthly installments.

All classes and coaching calls will be recorded. If you can’t commit to the live sessions, they will be available to view at any time after that. The lessons are applicable and available during and after the course dates. This course is for you, so you can write your fiction or memoir. 

100%! I’m offering a special version of this course, that includes 1:1 support and direct coaching. Connect with me for a consult to see if it’s a good fit.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Listen, I know it feels scary to invest in your writing. Like you have to justify it, or prove your story is worth it. I’ve been there. And it kept me from really diving into my creative work for way too long. 

I know you want to get your story out in the world. And I know there are people waiting to read it. Don’t keep them waiting. 

I’m right here, ready to help you.