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On Demand Classes

Write From The Heart – All Access

Do you remember why you started writing in the first place? Some deep part of you wants to write this story. That’s why it’s so important to listen to your own wisdom–and navigate your way to write from the heart. <a

Writing Authentic Emotions

Readers read to FEEL. So how do you write authentic emotions into your story? Find out in this exclusive 45 minute interview with Traci Skuce. (Plus, there are bonuses!) Course Page

How to Keep Your Readers Reading – All Access

A 2 hour writing workshop with authors Traci Skuce and Emma Dhesi where you will learn the most important thing you can do to keep your readers engaged. Course Page    

Write Your First (or Next) Book 2.0! – All Access

If you're ready to establish a writing practice that works for you, this is the summit you want access to! Course Page

What Other Writers are Saying

"[Working with Traci] has truly changed how I view my project."

Traci’s course helped me to find comfort: in claiming my writer’s voice, in the encouragement & support of kindred spirits & in learning new ways of reading any piece of writing. The clear progression of course objectives, the scheduling, the many ‘value-added’ elements, even the homework, were well thought out and delivered seamlessly. This beautiful curated & crafted offering was a joy to participate in.
Anne Hamilton

"[Working with Traci] was exactly what I needed to move my book deeper and truer to my authentic voice."

The Embodied Story Intensive course was wonderful, much more than I expected or could have hoped for. Traci is a gifted instructor and guide. The course was well organized and covered the basics of craft, but in ways that were both personal to us students and true to Traci’s style, not a repetition of the usual writing formulas or advice. She is a meticulous reader using technique and empathy to dig deep and teach us how to do the same. I loved every minute and did not want it to end.
Keith Robinson, Author of The Buddha In Our Bellies

"My work with Traci has been deep & full of discovery."

Studying with Traci Skuce has helped me to establish a daily writing practice, widened my understanding of the writing craft & taken me to a place of joyful revision. Her teachings encourage embodied writing, getting to the deep root of what the stories we are telling are really about & how to read with an eye for learning masterful techniques. I’m grateful for her curiosity and wisdom.
Jenny Vester

"I loved every minute of my course with Traci."

She’s knowledgable and competent, and she listens well. She quickly understood where I was with my writing, was very kind with her critiques and suggestions to guide me to improve, and generous with her support. I found teh course comprehensive and fun!
Bette Kosmolak

"I trust Traci Skuce."

Traci applies attention to all aspects of writing—narrative structures, voice, placement and genre. Her intuition—leaning into a weakness or questioning an assumption—springs from a grounded, earned wisdom.
Cornelia Hoogland, Author of Cosmic Bowling

"Traci is a seasoned writer and teacher."

She brings both warmth and rigor to her teaching. In her class I learned how to get inside my own work & understand it better. I had dozens of pieces of writing that defied my attempts to tame them & Traci’s class helped me figure them out.
Evan Gough

"When you’re ready to invest in yourself and your writing skills, I highly recommend Traci’s class!"

Traci’s Embodied Story Intensive class gave me the boost I needed to get my memoir headed in the right direction. The hands on exercises and feedback in a supportive community of like-minded writers make her class stand out above others. I loved the interactive live classes—so much better than videos.
Bex Hall

"[Traci's] courses are a must for any serious writer."

I signed up for the [Embodied Story Intensive] course and motivation, indeed, returned. Through Traci’s “step by step” process of writing a story, the in-depth valuable weekly readings, the micro-feedback on written pieces, and the fountain of inspiration she personally emanates, her courses are a must for any serious writer.
Carmelinda Scian, Author of Yellow Watch
What Other Writers are Saying