The first round of the Write Your First (or Next!) Book 2.0 summit was so successful, I’ve decided to offer a FREE 48 hour replay.

That way, you can catch anything you missed. I’ll be releasing all 24 recordings for 48 hours. 20 writers, publishers, and creative coaches who share their tips on how to write your book without losing your mind.


If you’re lost in the process of writing a book and can’t find your way to the finish…
If you can’t manage to get your butt in the chair…
If all your writing exercises add up to one big mess…

Maybe there’s another approach.

Maybe there’s another way to get things done.​

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The replay runs from 7 am PT, February 18th,
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This content is so valuable—especially if you find yourself trapped in writers’ block or wondering how to create time in your life to write that book. Or if you simply don’t know how to start or where to go next. You can’t beat yourself up for not knowing what you don’t know. You can only decide to persevere and move forward, and Write Your First (or Next!) Book will help you do just that.

The replay runs from 7 am PT, February 18th, until early morning February 20th. 48-hours ONLY.

You’ll learn: 

  • the art of scheduling
  • practice versus performance
  • how to organize a life that supports your writing
  • starting small and finishing strong

Every interview will be full of insights, ideas, and inspiration. 

Every interview has the potential to change the way you approach your writing. 

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